Travel Tips in Orlando

Itta Bena Casual Dining 13 miles to Orlando International Airport Located on the second level of Pointe Orlando, behind an old facade of New Orleans, is Itta Bena, This is Orlando’s newest restaurant specializing in great steaks and seafood. When you walk in, you’ll see a beautiful copper bar and a… Read more »

Planet Hollywood Orlando Casual Dining 24 miles to Orlando International Airport You will feel like a Very Important Person the moment you enter Planet Hollywood Orlando. When you walk into Planet Hollywood, you will be taken back in time with its turn-of-the-century designs and the magnificent architecture. You will discover several exhibits of one-of-a-kind Hollywood… Read more »

Emeril’s Orlando Fine Dining 21 minutes to Orlando International Airport Emeril’s Orlando, located at Universal’s CityWalk, is in a two-story building that is full of energy, an environment perfect for eating and drinking fine food and wine. The thirty-foot ceilings, stone walls and iron staircase lend to the feel of an industrial… Read more »

Unexpected issues can and usually do arise during travel, from from small things like forgetting the sunscreen to major problems, like losing your bags or missing your flight altogether. Nevertheless, many of these travel issues are preventable.  In very simple terms try to prepare ahead of your departure. You will overcome these inconveniences more easily if… Read more »

Traveling With Pets It is beyond trendy. More and more people are now taking their pets along everywhere they go. It’s not unusual to see someone carrying their little pooch in a fashionable dog case at the mall or even a coffee shop. Of course, when going on vacation you… Read more »

Conquer Your Fear of Flying When it comes to overcoming fear, most of it is reconditioning the mind and the rest is knowing the facts. Some of the nightmares are nearly impossible. Scared the plane will fall out of the sky? Scared the engines will fail? Turbulence, though it feels frightening, it… Read more »

How Can To Avoid Jet Lag Jet lag could be a burden to even the most typical of travelers. Whilst there is little that you can do to remove jet lag altogether, here are a few things that you can do to lessen the consequences. If you’re keen on avoiding… Read more »

Curbside vs. Ticket Counter Check-ins Curbside check-in is becoming more and more popular with airlines and in airports. This, in turn, offers many conveniences to passengers. Curbside check-in is when you are able to check-in with the help of an airport staff member, or “Skycap,” even before you step inside the airport. It… Read more »