Parking at Orlando Airport MCO

Parking at MCO

Parking at MCO

MCO Parking Map

MCO Parking Map

Garage Parking

You can park your vehicle at Garages A & B, which can be reached from level 1 of the Main Terminal, and 4 parking levels.

Garages A & B with 4 levels each are located on both sides of the Main Terminal. They can be used for short- and long-term parking. Most parking spaces are covered the maximum vehicle height is 7 feet or 3.5 meters, and there is a grace period of 20 minutes.

The Terminal Top Garage with levels 4-10 is accessible by elevator from either A or B garages.

  • Frontier is in Terminal A and has a Security Checkpoint: 1-59
  • No TSA PreCheck
  • Gates: 1-29 & 70-99
  • No Curbside Check-In
  • Frontier Airlines Phone: 801-401-9000
  • Parking for Frontier Airlines, Terminal A, is PARKING GARAGE A Orange Parking
Orlando International Airport parking
Orlando Airport MCO Terminal A Parking Map with airlines names.

Orlando Airport MCO Terminal A Parking Map with airlines names.

Air Transat, Terminal A-2, Gates 70-99
Avelo, Terminal A-3, Gates 100-129
Avianca, Terminal A-2, Gates 70-99
Copa, Terminal A-2, Gates 70-99
Frontier, Terminal A-2 ,Gates 1-29 & 70-99 (Intl Arr)
Miami Air, Terminal A-2, Gates 1-29
Southwest, Terminal A-4, Gates 100-129
Spirit, Terminal A-1, Gates 1-29 & 70-99 (Intl Arr)
Virgin Atlantic, Terminal A-3, Gates 70-99

Economy and Hotel Parking

Parking rates include taxes & fees ( off-airport parking lots add holiday premiums & 14.5% taxes). North & South Economy lots are only 10 minutes from the main Terminal. Note that Electric Charging is on level 2 of both PA at row A & PB at Row P.

More Parking Options

  • E-Pass/SunPass Holders: Enter parking garages using E-Pass/SunPass lanes. No ticket is required. Pay as you exit, using the E-Pass/ SunPass lanes.
  • Offsite Parking
  • ADA/ Disabled Parking:
    – at Terminal Top Garage near elevator shafts on each level;
    – at Garages A & B near elevator shafts on all levels.; (c) at Economy (Satellite) Parking Lots with accessible shuttle service to the terminal. Only those who qualify for exemptions are eligible for reduced rates.

Current Parking Rates as of 01/11/24

Orlando Airport MCO parking cost
North Cell Phone Lot Free
South Cell Phone Lot Grace period for first 2 hours
North Park Place Economy Lot $14
South Park Place Economy Lot $14
Terminal Garage Parking $24
Terminal Top Parking $24
Valet Parking $35
Express Parking
Hotel Guest Parking – Self $19
Hotel Guest Parking – Valet $28
Car Detailing $30-$45

Picking Up Passengers

You can pick up passengers at either

  • the South Cell Phone Lot – first 2 hrs free, 3 hrs $4, or up to 24 hrs $10 – located in the South Park Place lot (turn right after entering);
  • or the free North Cell Phone Lot (north of Main Terminal on Jeff Fuqua Blvd. /SR 436) with 200 spaces, restrooms, free WiFi & flight info screens.

Please remain in your car until your passenger calls you to be picked up at the curb.

You can also use the Express Pickup at the entrances of either Terminals A or B, which charge presently $1 for each 30 minutes, up to 2hrs. (Payment by E-Pass or SunPass Plus only.)